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Verifying on XBOX ONE issues

Cannot get raptr to verify my xbox gamer tag. I have placed the code in my bio and still does not work please help

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Raptr currently has no plans to support the Xbox One or PS4. We are focusing on the PC platform and currently have all our resources aimed towards it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mine won't add my xbox 360 gamertag and now it's xbox one and still won't work....... Just won't verify..... I don't use my pc for gaming as my amd system power surged and I'm not paying out another $5000 to build another. So no point on me having Raptr account if I can't track my games. Maybe a few years I'll go back to pc

As mentioned, we currently have no plans to bring back support for consoles outside of the simple manual detection in the client & game pages. I apologize that your current PC is unable to work properly. You can build/buy a PC for much less than $5000 though that could still run all games at good quality.

I'll be locking this thread to avoid further necro'ing since there won't be any changes to this decision in the foreseeable future.