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annoying warning bar


i got this bar shopwing up at top of my client saying "Security Announcement - Some Raptr accounts have been compromised. Click here to read why we recommend you change your password."

already changed my password, but the bar wont disappear.

also its position is just over other buttons ö.ö

please let me know if there is a solution, greets :)

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That definitely looks like it's coming from the application. Since you have changed your password, have you tried disconnecting from the application and reconnecting with the new password?

i had it restarted back then, also restarted pc, error still appeared
didnt check back tho since a few weeks as i had raptr not running anymore due to other errors explained in other ticket

ill keep this topic saved and report if i should use it again

Sounds good, would you like me to help with the tickets you have or close them?

well the other ticket (#5581) is main reason for me that i cant use raptr anymore
ofc id like if someone would solve the problem

Sounds good. 

I went ahead and requested logs in the ticket.