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Raptr audio delay from the last patch (yesterday 29.01.2015)

I have audio delay on video recorded with Raptr, is weird cause until 2 days ago no one of my video have this problem... (problem still persist in Play TV) but at least 2 day ago on youtube the videos are perfect, great quality and audio on sync... but from the last update all is fucked up and Rapt record video with audio delay.


My settings:

My version:

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Bump. Any News? I'm really bored record pieces of very beautiful  gameplay and to see them ruined by desynched audio from the program.


This needs to be fixed, or there needs to be at least a temporary fix until a patch comes along.

Can be good put back old version of Raptr, cause the previous one works quite good.

I went ahead and created a ticket for this issue so we can figure this out. Ticket #6265