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AMD Gaming Evolved by Raptr

Remove this program from the Catalyst driver installer. This program is not working as it should. It has a lot of bugs. It spoils the impression. I'm sorry that I have the AMD card. And I want to go to Nvidia. I was very upset this program.

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EDIT: I have moved this forum post from "AMD Gaming Evolved Help" to "AMD Gaming Evolved Feedback"

I agree that raptr shouldnt be bundled as sadly it is piece of junk. But imho it has nothing to do whether you should like or dislike AMD GPU.

I do like AMD GPU but raptr sucks big time. I installed it again just yeterday (after few months) to see if it got any better and it is even worse. It keeps scanning for "optimizable games" almost forever , sometimes it finish sometimes not but "downloading graphics" is freezed forever and UI (home,library...) is not working at all except for preferences.

I'm AMD fan but raptr is total piece of garbage. I hope AMD didnt pay more than 100$ to aquire raptr.

How hard it could be to have light app to track my game time? Trivial task that legacy xfire did well.

@lordken - Do you have an antivirus or firewall that might be preventing Raptr from downloading the required files for the game library?

Also, AMD did not purchase Raptr. We're merely partnered.

yes i have eset antivirus and comodo firewall. But when prompt for raptr/raptrstub.exe connection request popup ofc I did allow it. I even added it to trusted apps to always allow all traffic. Tried to start it "run as admin" , still the same.

btw that "downloading graphics" is pretty annoying, i remember when i was last using it few months back, whenever i tried to run manual scan for games it did stuck on this nonsense "downloading graphics" (and one other thing but i cant remember that). Why do I need any graphics (is it icons for games or something?) and why you just cant put normal timeout on that operation. I mean if client cant download stuff from your server just show popup "cant contact raptr servers to download graphic stuff. Your game library wont show icons. Please check your nw and try again" rather than wait forever and prevent functioning of the client for such stupid thing like game icons (or whatever that graphics is).

Just detect the game, track my time and thats it.

and thanks for clarification, thought AMD bought this as they promote and bundle it with drivers. 

is my previous reply still waiting for moderation?