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Unexpected error 22

Trying to stream any game using the amd gaming evolved client, but when i turn it on,"gameDVR sevice reported an unexpected error (22)". Tried multiple games and same thing. Using W 8.1, using a switchable graphics card, intel HD 4000 graphics / AMD HD 8500M/8700M graphics card (its a dual card where you can switch depending on the need.) I made sure i was using the AMD card when i played. Is the card not supported and thats why i get the error? or can i do something  to fix it?

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I get this only with war thunder

I'm using Windows 7, get this error when playing League of Legends.

I have the same problem with Smite, can you help me to fix it please?

Have this issue trying to use GVR in BF4

I have same error in all my games multiplayer. Help?

We're still working to correct the Error 22 issue.

Currently, CS is asking for users to create tickets and attach logs when requested. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Same problem here waiting for way to fix.


I get this error on Insurgency 2

Same error while trying to stream Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist to twitch.

Tenho  mesmo erro o que posso fazer para o resolver ??

Just letting everyone know we're still working on a solution. Thanks for being so patient!

I have this error, running Windows 7 64 bit with Intel HD 4000 / AMD HD 7730M switchable graphics.

I got this error today, I have been able to record perfectly fine every other time but today I tried to record a demo from CS:GO and it gave me error 22. I'm wondering if it's because of SweetFX which I just installed today.
For my comment above, it may be SweetFX because I just tried CS:S and it recorded fine!