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keyboard hotkeys & language

Hello. I can`t change keyboard layout in app in games. I try crtl+shift, alt+shift, win+space (I use windows 8 and windos 7), but input language is not changes. For example in browser or gmail widgets: by default my language is Russian, but I must write login/password on eng. And because I can`t change keyboard layout, I can`t use widgets.

Then. I play in WoW. And when I write messages in in-game chat on Russian language, - it takes me unknown encoding. For example I want to send "Привет!" (translate: "Hello!"), but I see smth like this: "Ioueu!". When I close AMD Gaming Envolved, - it`s normalize.

In ticket no answer more 30 days, maybe forum can help...

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I'll answer your issue in the ticket. #4319 for your reference.