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Support are ignoring my ticket

I'm having issues with gameplay not being rewarded points as I should be, and I have had a ticket regarding this issue open for 3 weeks without any reply. I decided to send a ticket asking them why I've not been replied to and instead of getting any sort of response they decided to just go ahead and close the ticket (the second one, original ticket is still unanswered).

Why am I being ignored? Proof attached.

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Hi neopest, 

We actually had not ignored your posts despite your proof, oddly enough. Typically what can happen while going through the tickets, we merge tickets of similar issues from the same user. The "closed" ticket you saw was actually us just merging it to the other one. Unfortunately, you don't get the nice note we get to see that a ticket has been merged. 

I'll continue to explain the actual issue inside the ticket.