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Replay not recording video after latest update

Raptr hasn't been saving replay video after last weeks update. Last time it worked properly was Monday, Jan 26th. 2015.

It records the audio, but doesn't record video. First time I'm having this issue.

I played with every setting within Raptr but nothing is working.

The ONLY game so far that worked was Minecraft...

Games such as Battlefield 4, Hardline, CS:GO, Smite, APB: Reloaded, Quake Live, Unreal Tournament, Guild Wars 2, and others do not record the video.

The overlay does show up, it does say "Saving last X Minutes", and "Saved"...but only Audio is saved.


Intel i7 4770k

AMD R9 290

G.Skill Trident X 32GB Ram

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I went ahead and created a ticket for this issue. Ticket #6978 for your reference.