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Replay and Record funnctions- Issues

Just giving you guys some feedback. If I should create a ticket instead let me know. The games I have had trouble using Replay with are:
Bioshock 1 (Steam)
Bioshock 2 (Steam)
Heroes of the Storm (Blizzard)-(still in Beta)
XCOM: Enemy Uknown (Steam)

Every single of those  games but XCOM crashes immediately after launching while the replay function is on. If the replay function is turned on after the game as launched, the game crashes immediately.
With XCOM: Enemy Uknown however, I'm puzzled. I had been using Replay without any issues until about mid January. It had never crashed or had any issues and I had even saved a minute-long replay with no problems whatsoever. However, after that, XCOM and Replay refuse to work with each other and XCOM crashes whenever Replay is on.

After trying Record function as well and specifically on Hearthstone, I recorded a small 2 minute video with no issues except a bug when opening my friends list. However a friend playing Hearthstone some days later on a totally different pc(no raptr) linked me an image of his friends list bugging out quite like mine had when i used Record. So this might have nothing to do with Record  whatsoever. I have attached an image of the bug occuring.

Games using Replay with absolutely no issues:  (All steam, except Bf3)
Binding of Isaac:Rebirth
Saints Row IV
Battlefield 3 (Origin)
Volgarr the Viking

The Walking Dead

If it matters my specs are: intel core i5 4460, r9 280 (sapphire dual-x 3gb version), Win 7 64bit, 8gb ram

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I went ahead and created a ticket for this issue. Ticket #6979 for your reference