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Sound issues using GVR!

I have been having alot of issues with the GVR sound when recording games whether it is in replay or straight recording, usually it is a annoying crackling issue when sound gets loud and it happens regardless of sound volume in game or on GVR, but my latest issue seems to happen mainly in arma III and i have several recordings that just get ruined by this issue.

I have tried many different things including changing the amount of sound sources in the game and the such and i just cannot figure it out at all...... does anyone have any ideas or has anyone come across this issue before? Also its just a hilarious death that happened on Epoch mod.

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Also my current rig set up 

Intel I5 4670k

8GB of DDR3

120GB corsair SSD


AMD R9 290 4GB GPU

Headset is a Creative Arena headset

Windows 7 Home premium X64

I'll attempt to help your issue in a ticket I just created for this issue. Ticket #7427 for your reference.

Sorry it has taken so long for me to respond, i have had an extremely crazy work schedule recently and havent been able to get this all sent in. i sent in my log files but as for the upload it will not let me upload anything greater than 15 mb, but i also use dual monitors and this issue only seems to really pop up after i have clicked on to my other monitor for a moment to do something, it doesnt always but it seems to happen when i do that more often than not.

Thanks for doing that! We'll continue the rest of the support in the ticket.