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Won't send me a confirmation email

Been trying to send a confirmation email to allow me to purchase a reward and every time i do it just doesn't send 

I have clicked the send button about 50 times now and still no email fucking ridiculous 

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Yes, I do as well. It won't even send me the email to change my password....

Is everyone above still having the same issue?

Still same damn issue, cant use raptr until its verified, cant even open the bloody preferences,

me too i ve the same problem i cant get the email.

It's the year 2045.... raptr support yet to reply. Kappa

If you're having trouble receiving e-mails, it is probably a problem regarding the e-mail address on file.  Some specific e-mail providers tend to block our automated messages or reroute them into various spam or "social" folders.  Please send an e-mail to including your username so that we can look into your individual accounts and inform you about how best to proceed.  Have a nice day.