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RP reward for gameplay not being credited.

I'm not being credited RP for some instances when I am playing games. I have kept a log of each time this has happened.

I have had a support ticket about this issue open for 25 days without reply, no solution, not even and acknowledgement of the issue.

I see people like Verun and Burn have been active in sorting out other people's issues recently, but no help for me. I guess I'm not worthy of your time?

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I have the same issue, seemed to just stop tracking gameplay a few days ago.

I am experiencing the same issue, and today I discovered that game play credit and visit community are sharing a cooldown? must be an error, but that seems to be the problem.....

Same here. Anyone got a reaction?


Typically we'll go through issues based on time (oldest to newest). However, there are times when we need to look for specific issues (500 point issue, GVR issues, etc) to monitor certain issues that we're trying to correct. As such, some issues can get overlooked, but we're still doing our best with the volume that we're facing. 

A typical rule of thumb is:

If we have not responded to your issue (whether forum or ticket) it's usually because we have not seen it. We do not ignore any ticket or forum issue. 

Now for the issue at hand:

neopest - I took care of your issue in your ticket today, I believe.

captainbosh - I'm having difficulty finding a particular example of not getting RP. It could be that it was just not detecting gameplay. Do you have any examples?

thundr101 - Your issue appears to only have been in early January, but appears to be okay now based on the gameplay. However, it's possible you're playing a game that is not getting detected. World of Warcraft appears to be the only game I'm seeing played on a regular basis, is this correct?

koboldcrew - We don't have any game sessions for your account. That would explain why there is no RP being gained. Do you have Raptr open when playing games?

First off all, thx for the reply.

And secondly I'm so unbelievable stupid -.- I haven't set the little check mark where I should have.

@koboldcrew All good; no worries :-)