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how do I disable screenshots or change the key bindings.

The issue I have is that I must press the key combination that activates screenshots and then it just keeps taking multiple shots when playing arma whenever I try and move my avatar - drives me crazy


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Sorry for the very late reply. 

You can change your hotkeys by going into the Preferences for Raptr under "Hotkeys". You can click on the appropriate command and place in a new hotkey. Unfortunately, as of right now, we do not have a method to completely disable a command, but you can use a very odd combination like: Ctrl+Shift+]

I have the same problem but when I'm playing GTA 5 I have no clue what I pressed so every time I try to was by pressing s or a it takes a screen shot any Ideas how to turn it off

@007x2 - Did you try changing the hotkeys like mentioned above?

Verun, you say to go to Preferences, but I'm not seeing an option with that label.

When I click on my profile picture, the options are as shown.

When I click 'account details', which is the only thing even remotely resembling preferences, I'm shown a few different options that do not include preferences.

If you could please tell me where I can find the 'Preferences' options I would greatly appreciate it!

Additionally, you can right-click the taskbar icon and select preferences.