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Optimizing does not work

My main control panel says 8 games are not optimized and when I click the gear button it starts to optimize then goes away and the button is back.  When I click the gear icon next to it, it takes me to Postal 2 complete (assuming that's supposed to be one of the games that need optimizing).  Theirs a game settings tab there in rad and if I click on it, it says "This game does not yet have enough data to suggest optimal settings.  Please check back soon"

How do I fix this and optimize the other games?

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Same for me strange i can not click record i use window 7 and radeon card


Same when I optimize for Quality or Performance, it will eventually go back to balance???? Please fix Optimization issues and have better optimization for games with new patches or something.

@powervanger - We've recently been making changes to the optimizations. However, can you let me know which game is changing it's Optimization? Do the actual settings change?

League of Legends and Diablo 3