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Microphone desync in GVR

I recorded a 2hr Arma3 session and part way through the microphone become desync'd by a large amount. It appears to be caused by alt tabbing out of the game, the video capture pauses itself but the microphone continues recording, when you go back in to the game the capture continues (minus the time you spent alt tabbed) but the microphone was caching the entire time and continues to mux desync'd to the in game audio and video capture.

It would be easy to fix if we had the option to have microphone and speakers as separate tracks instead of muxing them together because I could re sync it with ease, but because its muxed together with all the other audio which is in sync I can't really do much about it.

When this issue is fixed I'd still like the option to not mux the audio. Having them as two separate tracks is a large benefit in my case for removing background noise, additionally being able to assign multiple PTT hotkeys would also be nice as I have a handful of different ones for different radios/nets so I can't currently use the PTT option. Otherwise I'll probably end up recording the microphone with something else.

Other than that it's working great, game on!

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I have this problem too, I searched why for hours. Your post is very relevant I hope this will be fixed.

i played lol and recorded and dont press tab but my voice goes 3 or 5 secs later than the image

Scoop, I have the same problem too. But me, when i record videos, the first 3 seconds are buggy (the video freeze and image is fuzzy). Maybe it's at this moment that the desync start.

Do you have the same problem ?