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App not tracking Xbox 360 at all

App is open on PC, signed into XBL, and no games will track at all.

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 It won't track mine as well. Nor will it add achievements that it missed after I do a rescan.

Hello? I've tried restarting the app, signing in and out of XBL in the app, and everything. Support needs to answer this.

If I do a rescan I get my achievements, but not in "real time". Hours are not tracked.


mine is not tracking either - anyone come up with any solutions?!?

Xbox and PSN connection is still currently down. Because of our focus on PC and our current development cycle, we don't have an ETA on when, or if, this issue will get resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Welp, I guess it's time to be done using this site then. Ignore 2 of the platforms in favor of PC, and not even put any work in for PC. Yep, Raptr's time has come and gone. Shame really.

I'm still having this issue.

Raptr desktop accurately picks up any game i play on my pc (Hearthstone, or whatnot), but it hasn't tracked my 360 gameplay in months.

is there a solution?


Raptr had made the decision several months ago to no longer be supporting consoles. We understand there are still remnants on the website and client that do not reflect that and we do intend to remove those components. We apologize for the inconvenience. Here is what we wrote when we initially made that decision:

So, if you're not tracking consoles,  I'm left wondering, what is the point of continuing to use Raptr?

This makes me sad, since I've been using it since nearly day 1, and I've always relied on it, to keep track of progress....

i guess i will just uninstall the desktop app, and go cry in the corner :(


@Mr_Giggles - We still support PC Game tracking as well as Optimization and Game Recording.

Aside from Blizzard Games (which achievements aren't tracked either), i haven't played a PC game in over a year.
Actually, since upgrading to windows 10, i hadn't even considered reinstalling Steam, or any of my old games.

Oh well.  Sad to see it go