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Raptr shop failed! Cant buy 400 smite gems! (A little story included)

Let me tell you a little story:

"Once upon a time, a smite player found a program called Raptr. "Up to 600 free gems? NICE!" he thought to himself. He installed Raptr and worked hard to get all those 6000 needed points. After a week, he got the first 2000 needed points. "Yay 200 gems!" he thought. He bought the code, used it, and IT WORKED! He was filled with joy and happiness. A few months have passed and he realized, that he got all the 4k points that he needed. Hoping that Raptr would bring him even more happiness, he opened the app, pressed "Rewards", but then he noticed, that raptr is kind of slow today. "Nah its fine, there is no way something bad would happen! Raptr is the next best thing since sliced bread!" he clicked to buy the 400 gems code, and then, Raptr froze. After a while it gave first signs of life. A few moments later, it showed, that the points were reduced from 4006 to 3996. The gamer was confused. "Maybe I got 400 gems for 10 RP?" he thought. He checked his "Past Purchases", but there was only the 200 gem code there. He became even more confused. "Well, i'll get those 4 needed points and try again" he said to himself. After a long Conquest match, he came back, tried to buy the gems again, but it was of no use. Raptr just spat out the same robotic response:

Cannot complete order

Sorry, you already purchased the maximum amount for this item.

That's when the realization, that brought great sadness, started bashing in his skull.

Raptr failed.

He went to the help page, posted a support ticket, and waited. 2 Hours have passed, but noone came to help. He posted another ticket, but the result was the same. Thats when, in great sadness, he decided to write a short story about his life and hoped, that people would read it and mourn with him."

That's my little story! Sorry for grammar mistakes. Thanks for reading. :) If anyone from Raptr support is reading this, please help me, a poor gamer, out. The smite skin sale ends February 2nd and I hope help will come in time.

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 Tickets are #6597 and #6581 in case they are needed.

What a lovely story!

I apologize that it has taken us this long to get a hold of you. We're very swamped with tickets and trying to get through them as much as we can. 

However, to resolve your issue, we'll take care of it in a ticket. I combined the tickets so we'll take care of it in #6597