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"Change Password"-email never arrives

 So, i got an email that many accounts on your website got compromised..

Now i wanted to change my email, but your system is not sending me any email to reset the password. Tried for over a hour now and also checked my spam folder.

This is REALLY getting on my nerves...

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Same I haven't even been able to find where I change my password.

Well, after about one hour i finally got several emails to reset passwords at once.


this is happening for me on another account and i really need help with it

i actually forgot the password to it

For those that are still having an problem with their Change Password emails not coming in, I would recommend creating a ticket for this issue. If you feel like the ticket has not been responded to in quite some time, you're welcome to post the ticket # here and I can get it sorted out. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. 

I haven't received my reset password email yet, either.  If they want us to use raptr ingame then they should send the email out.

@treika2015 - Did you create a ticket about the issue?

I havnt recieved any emails too.