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Is there a way to record my own game with Raptr?

 I am developing a game in the Unity engine, and I wish to regularly post update videos to my youtube. I would prefer using Raptr for this, as it records at the perfect bitrate for me needs, and doesn't lower performance. Is there any way I can add builds of my game to Raptr's game list, so I will be able to record footage with the program?

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 I am not a developer. Raptr allows to record only the games in Library. If the game is not in the library, you can't record it. That's silly and artificial (!) limitation. Unfortunately, I can't find the post where that was stated because I can't find an old forum. Hm, I've just googled a little and it looks like old forum was deleted with all posts. Great job, Raptr!

Basically, developers (Verun) wrote that the technology allows to record any game but they allow to record only the games in library because Raptr aka AMD Gaming Evolved is primarily

a social network with AMD Recording feature, not AMD Recording App with social network feature. That means devs need to gather a lot of statistics such as game time, achievements, uploaded videos and all that [useless for me] stuff. If the game is not in library, they won't be able to do that [what a disappointment]. Also, Verun wrote that AMD Gaming Evolved is just Raptr client with AMD branding. I think you get a picture now.

I created a thread with a suggestion to add an ability to record any 3D application to Raptr here:

Maybe if more people post in that thread, Raptr will add an ability to record any 3D application. However, I doubt that. My personal opinion: AMD should have developed game recording feature themselves. GVR development is in stagnation right now, not a single new major feature added during the last 6 months.

P.S. You can now see for yourself why AMD is worse than Nvidia at making software": Nvidia develops technology themselves, AMD pays 3rd party devs in order to put AMD logo on their software. Great job, AMD!

That doesn't even make sense. So we should say nvidia sucks at making hardware and  software for buying physx and other stuff? Please

Oh man, I didn't see this post until now.

Well let me help clarify a few things since a lot has changed since apparently "IwantFreeSync" was upset.

1. We can now support recording in any game that runs DirectX, Mantle or OpenGL. If a game is not being recorded, we can look into it to determine whether something is being blocked or if it meets the requirements (Certain DirectX versions, etc)

2. We did not write the technology to record any game, and then limited it on purpose. There are a lot of technical limitations that can take place and hooking in to games we were able to detect (and know where the game files were) was initially a lot easier and then we advanced it from there.

3. The forum post is updated to state that we now support recording in almost any game.

4. I am totally not a developer. Just a CS Rep :-)

Hope this has been helpful!