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Streaming to twitch at 720p

Hi all,

In the twitch preferences menu I only see the option to stream at 100% (1080p) and 50% (480p). Is 720p an option? 1080p makes most of my games unstable.


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I don't know why 723 is not an option while streaming. 480p quality is just bad and 1080p you need a higher bitrate to have a descent stream quality and that leads to your stream getting buffer if you're not a twitch partner. I tried the other day to stream at 1080p with 35000 bitrate and twitch didnt like that. I got the network error, check your bandwidth and it is funny because I've 12 MB/s upload so more than enough to stream with those settings but since I'm not a twitch partne, I cant use to much of twitch's network bandwidth.