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Where can raptr ship to? What are the nuts and bolts of raptr and shipments globally? What are the limitations, struggles, etc... ?

Hi, I just started and I am getting myself quiet used to the system. Just play games as usual and get points accumulating over the day's/week's sessions (weeks if you're in it till meets end and for those ever lasting credits).

Now for the purpose of explaining to not just a passionate gamer but to the community, lets say that one just reached 80 000 RP, really need a graphics boost and also taking into consideration that they are not in USA but in places like Australia and Europe.

Can you please explain what will happen if someone in Australia (and else where so as to be thorough in the explanation) uses their 80 000 to buy either one of the graphics cards available?

Will it be shipped to an address, or is there an other system in place?
Has there been any previous purchases of graphics cards and has it all been going well?

As 80 000 RP is such a massive amount of dedication which is understood for the actual cost of the card, It is quiet logic for one to want to know what happens next, will they actually get what they dedicated for?

So that is why I am asking about the topic. yes it does indeed show a lack of explaination in regards to the RP/Reward system. so here is also a good place to start.
I would like to know about Australia, but not limited to please. As I am sure that I am not the only one with this question/ query. Thanks

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Hey guillaumehja, 

That is a very good question. I believe we do have it written somewhere, but it's not as easy to find as some would like. I'll try to explain.

If you can see the rewards in the Reward Store, then you have access to it. For instance, some countries we cannot ship to (China, Syria, etc) and thus they would be unable to see the items in the store. 

As for shipping the actual item to you, we would ship it directly to your home. If you purchase the card (for example) we would email you asking for your shipping address. 

We would typically eat the cost of shipping, while you may have to pay for things such as taxes and fees (like customs fees, for example). However, there can be some rewards where that changes, but it is explained usually in the Fine Print. 

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.