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GVR video recording has poor quality, stream is horrible

Hello. Im using the latest Raptr client and the latest beta drivers (omega drivers broke gvr). And the quality is very bad. it has been like that since the beggining of the whole gvr thing.\

My hardware:
Phenom x5 965 @ 4ghz
8gb ddr3 ram 1600
7850 2gb overclocked (1200/1375)
monitor - old asus 1366x768.
I think the problem is with my monitor. This reslution is not specified in the raptr recording settings, the only ones are 480p 720p 1080p. Is it upscaling it from 720p to my resolution? I am using the max bitrate. 
Also i have tried OBS with vce support and the quality is still bad, a bit worse than gvr. Is this a resilution thing, a gpu thing, a vce thing or a app thing?

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I got dxtory and the amd vce codec, and with those i got better video quality. I think, in my case, gvr records at 720p and the upscales that to 1366x768. So ppl, get dxtory and vce codecs (google amd shadowplay), it works a bit better, and you have way more control over anything. 

You do have a pretty unlucky monitor. It could be that. Maybe it's just Raptr being Raptr, as in it never works anyway.