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Cant record MineCraft But GVR Recording is still on!?

So basically the problem with this is i hoped on my pc the other day trying to make a video on minecraft and the (CTRL) (;) was gone in the top left then i went to see if i turned off the

GVR Recording was on still so i tried a couple things like turning off computer manually looking for the game and other things!? Please help it would be much appreciated! =]

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I have the same problem in advanced warfare. Not sure how to fix it. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

@jeaugus - This is quite an old thread, but I'll see if I can't answer. Advanced warfare for you appears to be getting detected, but I also see a lot of fragmented detection where there is a lot of 1 minute sessions. It's possible with errors with detection that would cause it to be unable to record. Does it bring up any kind of error? Do you see the counter up on the corner of the screen? Let me know, but I may have you create a ticket for your issue.