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Password change / Account compromised

I received an email about accounts being compromised and that I should change my password. I go and log in and see that the email address for my account is not my own! 


I click Change Password and it tells me a Reset Password link has been sent to the email address... the same one that's not me!


So I go to change my email address and it says I can't do that at this time. 


How the heck can I fix my account?!

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I apologize for the delay in a response. 

I have gone ahead and recovered the account for you. I changed the email back to what it was and sent a password reset request to that email.

I also refunded some RP that was lost due to someone accessing the account. 

Just as a heads up, your account being compromised was done before the recent security breach and as such was not a result of it.

Thanks, Verun!

No problem!

I had a similar thing happen to me.  I was looking at my personal account security on lastpass, and noticed that raptr was still my generic unsafe password.  I went to change it, and the email associated with the account was not my own.  How can I get my email reverted back to mine?

I stupidly used the password I use for accounts I don't care about (forums I visit only once, etc)... Turns out, I kinda care about my raptr account.

Hi Teirdome,

You will need to send us an e-mail at with your username describing this issue and please confirm both the e-mail address that was initially on the account and what you would like it to be now, if you want to assign a new address.  Thanks.