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DVR and Twitch PTT

Will there ever be such a thing as Push To Talk added to AMD GAMING EVOLVED?

I would be really great if it were, i do not have the greatest quality microphone this is some what of an issue for continued mic transmission, also, i have children who are quite loud as you may imagine, and i don't want to be continually streaming my mic because sometimes they get a little bit too loud.

Thanks in advance for any reply.

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This is some pretty good feedback actually. 

I'll let management know. Although I'm unsure if they had already planned to have this function or not. Either way, thanks!

Thank you, i think i have seen other people comment this on the Raptr app page that advertised the new layout and stuff. Im a serious gamer, with a serious budgeting issue, so raptr makes my life considerably easier. :)

Yeah I agree. This needs to happen ASAP.