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Mantle 1080p stuttering and tearing issue.

I using 4.3.5 and Mantle 1080p is still broken, it has wild tearing and stuttering hard to see what's happening and is absolutely unusable.

Recording Mantle on 720p worked great BUT ever since 4.3.4 replays have had a black screen at the beginning with audio for a second or two then the video starts making it out of sync.

On 4.3.4 Manual recording wasn't affect haven't tried 4.3.5 though sorry, but the replay is still doing it on 4.3.5.

I think this has been introduced trying to fix peoples issue of black screen because before 4.3.4 I didn't get a black screen at the beginning of a replay recording.

If I import the video with the audio sync issue into Adobe Premier it imports correctly automatically as if the video was normal but in regular video players like Windows player and VLC the video starts after the audio creating sync issues. You can then export the video in Adobe premier to fix it, I just thought I'd share that hoping it gives clues to what's happening but I certainly won't be fixing each replay.

I have given Feedback with logs after testing 4.3.5 on Mantle trying to record 1080p 60fps on BF4 and with 720p replay.

Hope this Mantle recording gets fixed soon, I so want to record more than 720p and have it in sync, Iv'e never had sync issues till 4.3.4.

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