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League of Legends Ph

Hey guys , I have a problem i cant optimize my game because AMD client is having trouble finding my league of legends game. Normally , i need to open my Garena client first then im gonna pick league of legends to open it up. I need help so I could optimize my game with League of Legends here in Philippine server website i really need help please

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I'm having the same thing. Please help us.

Sorry for the late reply.

Where is LoL installed on your PC?

C:\Program Files (x86)\GarenaLoLPH - launcher
C:\Program Files (x86)\GarenaLoLPH\GameData\Apps\LoLPH  - Game data

We tried adding manually but looks like LOL Philippines edition is not yet supported

Mine is on other drive,, I have partition on it.. but that shouldnt have any problems

@nathanico - Sorry for the late reply regarding this issue. I have replied back to your ticket #6959. We'll continue to deal with the detection issue there. 

me too, i'm from Vietnam and having the same problem. The AMD gaming evolved cant detect the game, even when i manually add the game with 2 files (i think the launcher file is garena.exe because i tried every other exe file and failed, the other is League of Legends.exe), it can't track the game and always says 'you need to run this game and change at least 1 video setting before we can optimize it for you! run the game once and check back'. And 1 more thing, when i play the game with bots, it can start the 'amd gaming evolved' client in game by hot key, but when i play with my online friends, the 'amd gaming evolved' client can't start even when i press hotkey (i wonder this is because i logged in garena server and it use another game exe file?)

oh, i forgot 1 more thing: when i play the game with bots, the 'AMD gaming evolved' client can track the duration i played( when i turn it on by hot key), but not when i play other online players (i can't turn it on by hot key when in this mode). It's like the 'AMD gaming evolved' client does recognize the game, put the game in the installed game list but there are some problem with it and it cant optimize the game, track it or record video from it. And here is my screen shot:

@qmice - I have gone ahead and created a ticket for your issue as well. Ticket #11252 for your reference. 

Thanks Verun. Today i discover 1 more thing: when i change garena and league of legends language to English, the amd gaming evolved client can start in my online games, it can track, record my game but still can't optimize it and say the same 'you need to run ...'thing.

Here is my screenshot

@qmice - Language should not be an issue with getting the game to record, optimize or detect since that should not directly affect the game files.

However, you mentioned that it can record gameplay when playing a bot game, but when you play an online game with other players, it will not detect?

We currently have our detection team taking a look at the Garena LoL detection to see what we can do. Unfortunately, because we're not in the region where Garena is the LoL host, it can make things more difficult.

up same problem 

I have changed filenames on the same directory , it says Ka-ching! League of Legends is now added..

But still I can't find it on Library games tab

I need help, >.<

What did you change the file names to?

i change "LienMinhHuyenThoai.exe" to "lol.Launcher.exe" and change "LienMinhHuyenThoai.xml" to "lol.launcher.exe", i do as this guys advise in the link