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Audio Desynced and Login Every Upload To YouTube?

I understand you are aware of the issue, but it's been happening for MONTHS now with no updates resolving it. When you switched from the old, superior system to what is now a mess of Play.TV Beta, you made us be required to login to our Google/YouTube accounts with EVERY. SINGLE. UPLOAD.

If you are going to break your own system for a beta, make it so only those opting in are affected. I'd rather be using the functioning one than this junk of a program.

Sorry I had to be blunt, but god - how has it been so long without being fixed?

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While the system may have worked before, it did limit some other users who were running across other issues. Slowly but surely, we've been expanding the range of users that can use GVR. There have been some bugs that have arisen (audio desync & black screen to name the most prominent) but as time progresses we get a better picture of what is causing these issues for some users. We do have full intentions to correct these issues.

For the separate upload for each video to Youtube, I have placed a request to look into it and possibly make it so it does not require multiple logins. 

I've had audio desyncing happen to my uploads as well, even before the and the (short lived?) JwPlayer migration.
I assumed it was something to do with the uploading site but that wasn't the fact (nor my computer specs, I'm pretty sure).

We're looking pretty deeply at the audio desync issue (and the black screen issues) since there is quite a loud voice of people with the issues. However, the issue is still not affecting everyone so we need to be careful with radical changes. Thanks for letting us know though.