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Mic and video audio out of sync on replay and recordings

So I know there was on about the video audio up but I have a new problem coupled wit the existing audio problems and that has to so with my mic. The audio from my mic in my recordings and instant replays are WAY off by as much as 3 minutes! Is there anything I can do to fix that particular problem? 

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I have the same problem with csgo replays. On the replay when I shoot, the sound is delayed by 3-5 seconds.

I'm also having this issue. Also, I've been having issues with the video quality. It's like fast forwarded but also 1 frame per second.


Created ticket #7448 to help citizen001 with this issue.

Same problem here. Everything is totally desynchronized.


I have trayng to fix this during the last two months. Before the last actualization, the microphone was in track with the game audio, but now it is left behind progressively. I have tryed to modify my computer audio settings, but I realized that the problem came from the GVR whitch cant mix the video and audio from the game with my microphone audio.

Just like to add myself to the list of people with issues. Never noticed this issue a while ago but it became really apparent on some ARma 3 videos I took last night from Raptrs Replay feature. The ingame audio and video are perfectly in sync (as is the sound from Mumble which I am using for VOIP)  but my microphone is about 10-20 seconds off.  Sounds like i'm having a conversation with myself half the time :D

@mcnugg - Would it be possible to link me this video if you upload it? I'd like to show our engineers if you're still having this issue.

Thanks for the reply Verun.  I'm afraid I don't have any full clips.  All I have are 2 short ones.  

There is this one where my voice (the nasaly one) is delayed here by a good 10 seconds while my friends voice over mumble is in time with the video - 

And there is one here where my voice is actually coming through about 4 seconds earlier than the video (I think I excitedly shouted LOL as I hit that car head on :D )  Again, my friends voice over Mumble was perfectly in time-

Sorry I dont have any longer examples but the issue only seems to happen when I have been in a particularly long play session.  The last few clips I have recorded have all been perfectly in sync.  Hope i've been of help.

Im having the same problem. I've got one video where everything was smooth but that was once and the rest has been just off sync. I think it happens to all the replay options. I've been trying experimenting and as far as I know there is 3 replay options? The one that records the whole session in the background, the manually game replay and the highlight clips option. Or can only one replay session be available at one time and that is the problem?

You can technically do all recording features at the same time, so that wouldn't affect the syncing. Are you using software to edit the video when it becomes unsynced, or is it happening in the client as well?

Oh I heard somewhere that I could only use the highlight clips option and the game replay one at a time, maybe I heard wrong. It is happening in the client. Im now experimenting whether it could be happening when I tab down the game etc but I mean that shouldn't cause it?

Alt+tabbing shouldn't cause it. But it could mess up the recording depending on when it goes down/back up. If you test it out, and find any conclusion, feel free and let us know!

It has worked just fine now for 2 hours. I've been playing Counter Strike, tabbed down the game several times and used the Game replay function twice (1 hour each), no delay in neither of them. Same for the function that records everything in the background, had no problem with that either. Strange, I had so much trouble with this earlier.

Well feel free and keep us updated if something happens. Glad it's working for you now!