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"You need to authorize this location before you can complete this purchase"

Simple: I tried to purchase the Smite 200 gems Treasure Chest and got the message in the title. I've clicked "Send Email" at least ten times but I won't recieve said email. 


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I have gone ahead and authorized your location for you. So you should be able to get rewards. 

However, I'm unsure why you would not be able to get the email from us. Have you checked the spam folder?

Thank you. Really. And yes, I have checked my spam folder and I still haven't got it.

Tried it again, still getting the same message... :(

Okay, I authorized it again. Which purchase are you trying to get?

As I said, the Smite 200 gems Treasure Chest.

Any luck on trying to get it this time around?

No, nothing...

You're so supportive that I feel kinda bad for taking up your time.

@Eliaznizzle - I apologize I was not able to get to you earlier. However, it does appear that you resolved your issue and were able to get the Smite Reward. Let us know if you continue to have any issues. 

Hi VERUN. I'm having the same problem. Could you verify my location as well? It would help big time. thanks!

@johnchua0 - I went ahead and verified your location. There is always the chance it could get unauthorized though. Sorry for the inconvenience.