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Tera Bonus RP

 I downloaded TERA, created my account, and verified my e-mail address from the Raptr client.  However, it is not applying the bonus RP or even recognizing that I'm playing the game.

I checked the Library again and now it's saying I never installed the game, yet the installer I used was in my Raptr Download Manager.

After all this, I re-downloaded the installer from Raptr and now it recognizes that I have the game but it is saying I didn't make my account through Raptr.

I'm very frustrated and would like if I could get this solved quickly.  Thanks.

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I apologize for the late reply.

It does appear that there was an issue, but it can be difficult to find at this rate since it was several days ago. Although I'm not seeing any gameplay for Tera, have you played any of it? Keep in mind that the extra RP is typically earned by playing the game, not just installing it. 

However, I'll see what I can do about getting you the bonus RP.

 There is no Tera gameplay recorded because it did not register that I was playing the game or even downloaded it from the Raptr client.  I was already level 15 in the game by the time I realized this and when it finally started working it required me to set up a new account to get the bonus.  Since I wasn't about to replay the game needlessly, I decided to just write a ticket so that it will apply the RP bonus for new accounts made through Raptr.