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Well i bought 200 gems on raptr store and when i entered the code it was already used, it happened to my friends too. The ones who bought it a week ago said it worked for them. Have you ran out of codes or something? 

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Can you provide a screenshot of the error that shows when you put in the code?

C'mon man it just shows that the code has already been redeemed or something like that. Btw it really took you this long to see my msg? :D

Yes, it did take a while to respond due to the volume of tickets/issues we're dealing with.

I'd like the screenshot as proof that you're having the issue. Typically it should also contain some kind of proof of your Raptr account as well.

Hi aldona4,

If you are still having this issue, please contact us at including a screenshot of what you are seeing when trying to redeem the code.  Usually, this occurs due to trying to redeem it in the wrong server, but we'd like the opportunity to investigate the issue thoroughly.  Thanks for your patience and have a nice day.