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Replay / Record Audio messing up

I go to replay or Record and the Audio is either, lagg/stuttering, Audio is in front by 4 or more seconds or behind by 4 or more seconds.
This has started happening to me recently. I have seen other people with the same problem.

6 people have this problem

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Is it something like this: ?


Same with me, although the audio is only about 2 seconds behind the video


We're currently working to resolve the Audio Desync issue. Thanks for letting us know about the issue.

Good to hear. Any ETA? Possibly to coincide with the next AMD drivers?

Just tested the Audio sync issue on 4.3.8 and it is in sync now but I found a new problem most of the time when recording replays the video will freeze at the begging just after it starts though when it starts again the audio and video is in sync.

In the file info using media Info I saw the files have 0.13 for minimum frame rate that must be when it freezes up for a fraction of a second. 

I did capture 2 pout of 10 replays that weren't affected but the freezing but most were.

That was on Mantle at 720p crossfire on BF4 ^^

Here is a snippet of the file exif. I sent logs and this info with the feedback regarding the freezing at the start of replay recordings almost every time.

Great to know the sync issue has been fixed :)

Frame rate mode : Variable

Frame rate : 55.886 fps

Original frame rate : 60.000 fps

Minimum frame rate : 2.148 fps <

Maximum frame rate : 104.530 fps

I just tested War Thunder and replays audio and video is in Sync but it does freeze momentarily at the beginning.

Manual recording has no freezing issues so it's only replays.

This isn't so bad at least the audio will be in sync so I definitely recommend updating to 4.3.8 if you do replays as the audio sync issue is critical but the little freeze at the start aint so bad.

I have crackling sound issues,

is Raptr 4.3.8 the latest version? If so, where do I download it?


4.3.8 is the newest version, you can download it here: - Raptr - AMD Gaming Evolved

I found that this crackling sound is only when I speak or someone else. Also when game characters talks it happen too.

I use new version 4.3.8

@sicodelix - Can you recreate the issue and send us a copy of the video? 

Preferably can you make a ticket regarding this and then post back here what the Ticket ID is. 

That way, I can assign it to myself. 

Hi Verun here is the ticket number  #9017