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rFactor 2 can no longer be added

rFactor 2 was added to the games list last year and it was addable for awhile, but many months ago rFactor 2 went 64-bit, and in doing so, the location of the executables changed.

Because of this, you can no longer add rF2 to your library.

Adding the Launcher works, but the second step, adding the game binary, is where it fails.

The old location was Core\rFactor2.exe.

The new locations are Bin32\rFactor2.exe and Bin64\rFactor2.exe.

Hoping you can get this fixed soon.

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Can this be added please
Hi Team - Can we please get a game profile for rfactor 2 added to raptr? ISI are about to release this on steam and I'd like to make some videos to showcase it.
Hi Team - Any update on this?
Hi guys, just wondering if we could get a location edit to the rf2.exe from core to bin32/64 as mentioned in the OP, cheers.


I'll alert our detection team and see what happens. Thanks for keeping the reminder up.

So.... after stuffing around with a couple of mods closed out rF2 and noticed a notification in the dock. Checked and took a moment to register, HUZZAH \o/ rF2 sorted, thanks guys appreciated :)


No problem. We made an update not too long ago to it. Glad it's working :-)