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keeps saying there is a driver update

amd gaming evolved says my catalyst driver has a new update available. but when I installed that update it still says that. even when I restarted amd gaming evolved.

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It's probably a mis-hap. Try installing the latest driver from the site itself.
Please also note in your preferences menu (options) that beta drivers might be checked under General.
I think I had that once checked before, attempted to install said beta driver via raptr, and it did not install it.

Another option would be to completely uninstall your graphical driver via and reinstalling it as there may be an older version or artifacts of it on your computer somehow.
Best of luck

I keep getting a message saying catalyst driver 15.7.1 is available. I download it from the site and it goes through the installation process and appears to succeed. I get a message saying system reboot is required. After I restart, it shows the update as still being available.

amd gaming will not keeps saying I need to install drivers, but they will not install.

Guys this happened to me this is because you installed the older 15.7.1 that was 245MB which then made windows 10 give a AMD update that did this same thing to me. It also removed Freesync option.

Just download either 15.8.

When I installed 15.7.1 that was 217MB (introduced later) it no longer made Windows 10 install a AMD update that made Raptr say a driver was available and removed freesync. 

These issues made PlaysTV mot run so well for me but after fixing that it's been working awesome again.

15.8 is working awesome with PLaysTV too I have since moved over to PlaysTV.

Guys you can do this to stop Windows 10 applying driver updates.

The AMD Gaming Evolved app keeps saying that the Radeon Software Crimson Edition (15.11) is now available.

I click update driver and it sends me to a webpage to download the software.  I have installed the software and it keeps saying there is a 15.11 update.  I have uninstalled everything, restarted, installed everything, restarted again and it keeps saying 15.11 is now available.

I have tried everything and AMD Gaming Evolved say that an update to the new Crimson is available.  I used the link...same message...I uninstalled AMD completely and reinstalled it with the new Crimson download...same message. Checked display drivers and they appear to be older, yet AMD auto detect says I have newest drivers available.... so now what?

Im having the same problem in that when I install the driver it will say that the drivers have been installed but when I check Catalyst im still at 15.7. Is it Because my Radeon HD 5670 isnt compatible?

I also  have updated my driver but it keeps saying I need to update even after multiple installations and the new install manager.

Same problem for me on a 6870HD, version 15.11 installed and keeps saying there's an update (15.11).

Ok so it looks like some video cards are not supported, like mine. While the CCC notices this (infact the driver appears to be updated) the Raptr Gaming Evolution application doesn't, so it will notify about the update. But it won't install on a product not compatible, so it will alway keep telling there's un update. Just skip it.

Thank you

Everything seems to work fine so I just click ignore update.  At least the pop-up doesn't nag me anymore.  Doesn't give me confidence in AMD though.

Same thing happening with me, I install the drivers, but get the pop-up about new drivers available. I'd appreciate if AMD looks into it.

Same issue here, for what it's worth. I issued a ticket over a month ago and haven't received any response, which isn't very impressive. I assume the drivers are updating even if AMD Gaming Evolved doesn't recognise it. For what it's worth, I fail to see what function AMD Gaming Evolved serves, full stop. Things like this really, really bug me.