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Hotkey disabling

 Is there any way to actually DISABLE a hotkey?  As far asI can tell the answer is no.  Any attempt to unassign a key just results in something else being assigned. 

Is there some way I am missing to actually completely disable or unassign any (or all) of the hotkeys in preferences?  If not I'm going to be forced to u ninstall the app and find something else to stream with.  It just interferes to much with my gameplay.

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There is currently no method to completely unbind a hotkey. We tried to pick hotkeys that would not interfere with most games, however that can be difficult to work for all games. 

We do recommend that you can change the hotkey to something that may not interfere with games at all. Something like: Ctrl+Shift+End.

However, I can also put in a request to add the feature to be able to completely disable/remove a hotkey for a feature if you'd like. 

"We tried to pick hotkeys that would not interfere with most games..."

Great, CTRL is usually a crouch key and TAB is usually leader board/menu on most games.

Why not add an option to clear hotkey binding? Request added 9 months ago and still nothing?

Probably has not been added because it has a very easy work-around. Just change the keybinding to something you would never use:

Ctrl+Shift+Pg Up

Shift + \

There are a lot of possibilities. Keep in mind that usually when a smaller feature like this isn't added for a long period of time, it's not because we don't want to make this change, it's usually because there are usually more pressing matters to work on like bug fixes, crash reports, uploading errors, game crashes, etc.