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AMD Gaming Evolved app crashes


i recorded a lot of gameplays with the amd gaming evolved app replay as well as normal record but for about 2 or 3 weeks now if i want to press F12 to record the last 90 seconds it does not even react. Sometimes in does say "saved" but then the app crashes and gives me an error "dvr error". Never had those problems before.. i dont know where it suddenly comes from. Uninstalled it reinstalled all ready.. i did not changed anything "it just happened".Another point if i sometimes try to record it just shows 0:00:00 so no time is running but it says "record" if i stop playing then it shows me a file but i cant run it..

Anyone with same problems, ideas?

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I have gone ahead and created a ticket for this issue so we can attempt to resolve it. Ticket #7824 for your reference.