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MSI afterburner conflicting with Raptr when launching BF3

Anyone having issues recording BF3 with Raptr close MSI Afterburner as it's conflicting with raptr. 

Last time I tried to play BF3 I got a error in Raptr I think it was error 22 or 89, then I remembered that MSI afterburner or RTSS used to conflict with BF4 and  Raptr.

So I decoded to close MSI Afterburner and RTSS which is built into MSI AB and just use Catalyst Overdrive to OC and control my fans on my GPU's

It fixed the issue and I was able to record and launch BF3 without issue.

I tried opening MSI Afterburner to make sure it's the problem and BF4 stopped responding and but this time Raptr didn't crash.

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I believe BF3 was error 22 and insurgency was error 89 and 109.

MSI afterburner conflicts with BF4 on DX11 but not Mantle.

If I want to record BF4 with Raptr on DX11 I have to close MSI Afterburner otherwise Raptr doesn't work, the on screen display support and recording functions of Raptr will only work if MSI Afterburner / RTSS isn't on or running.

I found this out again after testing 4.3.6 to see if it still has a issue with recording 1440p monitor on DX11 since I normally run Mantle on BF4 which has no problem recording raptr with MSI Afterburner on as MSI afterburner doesn't support on screen display of MSI stats when running Mantle.