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Raptr informing me of Driver Update that doesn't apply to my PC

I can't find a way of disabling the driver checker and it's starting to become annoying with it popping up every time I open raptr

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Sorry for the delay. 

If you're talking about the notification, you can turn it off in the Preferences:

However, if you mean the driver tab looking for drivers on the Control Center, I believe the Control Center will pop up regardless of the drivers if you start Raptr. However, more details on which part you mean would be helpful in resolving your issue. Thanks in advance!

I have a similiar problem, not sure if exactly the same of the original post, however when I launch Raptr in the home page on the upper left corner I get the notification that My video card is not compatbile with driver update (sorry if is not the exact words but I'm running the client in I'm just guessing the english localization).
It's always been working for me until now, I have the latest driver + catalyst suite and the VGA is a R9280X. That notification used to work, I'm not sure why now is been disabled...maybe because I have updated to Windows 10?
I even tried to uninstall/reinstall Catalyst suite but no luck...

Did you do the upgrade, or a clean install of Windows 10?

Did you clean out older drivers after installing the newer ones?

I did an upgrade and yes, once I noticed the problem with raptor just to be on the safe side I removed catalyst suite and drivers, restarted the PC and installed all over again. Unfortunately it didn't changed a thing.

@g00nie - Generally Windows 10 has been both a blessing and a curse. In some cases we'll see some users have their issues resolved by installing Win 10, but others will gain new issues. So it's been very random cases due to Windows 10 Installation.

We may need to get further information from you. If you don't mind, would you be able to create a ticket regarding this issue so we can ask for some files? If you need assistance in making a ticket, let me know. Once created, you can post the ticket number here for me to easily reply to it.

Yep I know, upgrading OS is always a big deal...I mean this is a minor issue to me at the moment since I can always update drivers manually, but I would be happier to have it working back the way it was supposed never know with drivers it may turn into a problem later, it's kind of scary when it says that my video driver is not compatible.. :P

Anyway I opened the ticket number #16722

Thanks for your help!

We're positive that the issue is just a break in communication between the OS, Drivers and Raptr/AMD GE. Brand new OS can always have interesting little quirks, but we intend on finding and fixing the issue. I wouldn't worry about it too much (as mentioned, you can still update manually) and it shouldn't affect your gaming. We'll still look into your ticket and see if we can't find anything though!

I had "check for beta drivers" checked in Raptr, because for a while that was a good thing.  Now there are no beta drivers and it was saying that driver updates were unsupported.  Running an an R9 285 and 15.7.1...

Unchecking "check for beta drivers" results in it telling me the correct driver version and saying I'm "up to date."

Clearly it isn't handling lack of beta driver availability correctly.

 yes. windows 10 issues. not compatible..tons of problems..