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GVR Disabled/ I have solved it for me.

After weeks of my GVR being disabled after the latest update I have finally fixed my issue. *Also was unable to detect my driver version*

If you have the RED AND Gaming evolved logo on your task bar you will NOT get the GVR to work reliably. The new update some how does not play nice with the older versions.

The Fix

uninstall the Gaming Evolved app. I used IObit uninstaller. This will remove the program and give you the option to remove ALL Registry entries for it.

Then I downloaded the Raptr app from the link below.

If you have gotten the old AMD Gaming Evolved app completely uninstalled completely and Install the Raptr version you will no longer have the Red AMD GEA logo but will have the Raptr Dinosaur logo in its place.

I have been using it without issue after numerous restarts and game launches. 

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Screen shot of Working and not working versions

Hey Wilvoeka,

The issue here might have to do more with timing and upgrades, than the different client versions. 

For the last two small client upgrades, we didn't have an automatic update, so some users had been on 4.3.4 when 4.3.5 and 4.3.6 came out (4.3.6 came out last Monday). What may have happened when you uninstalled AMD Gaming Evolved and reinstalled Raptr, is just having an upgrade in version.

We had been getting reports that some users who had the same issue you had, have resolved it with the newer update. 

Either way, I'm glad it's now working for you and you can enjoy using GVR. Have a great day!

Well, any way I can get this fixed myself without having to switch to the "Dinosaur" version? This crap has been happening to me too; one moment in the day it'll be fully selectable and "operational". Computer goes to sleep and wakes up, bam. DISABLED(except for Twitch). I can try closing it completely, reopening. Nada. Please link this 4.3.6 update if you can; not sure if I do in face have it. Why didn't you do an automatic update, btw? That just sounds like a bad idea; usually I'll see it upgrade if there is one on the next launch. (Which theoretically should have happened here when I reopened it)



Yep, just confirmed I in fact have 4.3.4. Need update link please! My client is, as you said it wouldn't, not automatically upgrading...Thanks.

Btw: I know this isn't related, but I built a Completely new computer from scratch, installed Raptr on it, and it is STILL showing my ancient Radeon HD 7750...I never had one in this system xD Only an R7 250. Reset appdata folder, uninstalled, reinstalled, redetected hardware and drivers. Still showing HD 7750 (????)

Thanks again,



There is not difference in function or appearance between the two version. The link I posted is for the current version, just not the "AMD" branded one.

@warfistprime - Wilvoeka has provided the appropriate links. 

As for the card issue, we're still seeing the 7750 as of today (March 11th, 2015). However, if it's installed on 2 different PC's than we could be getting both. Or it could just be that we haven't gotten the dxdiag yet which is possible. Has it been able to scan your system fully when starting up without errors/issues?

@Verun: Which download should I take? Will re-installing AMD: Gaming Evolved update my version? Or will I need to d/l the unbranded Raptr to update?

DxDiag, as well as the 64-bit DxDiag run and scan system perfectly. Under Display, GPU is listed as "AMD Radeon R7 200 Series", WHQL and all. The only anomaly is the commonly seen (at least, in homebuilt systems such as mine here) "To be filled by O.E.M." message under "System Model:" in the System section.

Now THIS is interesting! It turns out both the HD 7750 AND the R7 250 use the same Device ID: 1002 - 683F! Also, it appears as if they both may be based off of the "Cape Verde" GPU base set. Well, no wonder then it always detects it as such inside of Raptr ;D

What's most Alarming to me, however, is the fact that my card mirrors SPEC-for-SPEC on what I can only find as a possible set for the HD 7750:

Release Date: Feb 15, 2012

Codename: Cape Verde PRO

Fabrication: 28 nm

Transistors: 1500

Die Size: 123 mm²

Bus Interface: PCIe 3.0 ×16

Memory: 2048 MB

Core: 800 MHz
Memory: 800 MHz
Cores/TMUs/ROPs: 512:32:16

All the rest, GB/s Fillrate and all, mirrors only what the HD 7750 has listed and NOT the R7 250! Have I been had or can the R7 250 theoretically mirror a 7750 with the same specs? I cannot for the life of me find an R7 250 with the same specs I have...other than the Powercolor that I have. (I swear, I don't think I should trust that company given my past experience with them; one card burning out, one of my friend's too)

oh god you are my hero !!!!!!