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Tried tracking my Steam account on Raptr

Is Raptr able to search for profiles with special characters on steam?

When I put my username 'astrix_au' I think raptr isn't reading or using the underscore and what's after it.

"It says no games found for my username."

If I type in 'astrix' without the '_au' it finds a profile but obviously not mine.

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Hey astrix_au, 

Can you link your Steam profile here? You'll want to make sure you're putting in the same ID that is listed in the URL.

Here is the link for the FAQ entry for this: LINK

I followed the direction on that page and I created a custom url "astrixau" but it still doesn't work.

Ah okay, one more thing you have to do.

You can follow the instructions here to open it up: LINK

Let me know if you need any other assistance, or it still ends up not finding it.

Thanks Verun! That did the trick :) All working now!