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Feedback and Feature Request of GVR


Hi i just wanted to give some Feedback for GVR, which i use to record for some let`s plays.

first of all the programm is already quite good but still far behind nvidia shadow play but there are a Few things which could be done to Improve this.

1. If i record more than 30 min GVR automatically splits it into parts of about 30 Minutes. There should be a setting to disable this. For me it is much more work to snych everything if i have so many video parts.

2. Microphone: if i enable the Microphone if Automatically changes all my Microphone options to the one of GVR, but it should be the other way around. The settings in GVR should adjust the the global ones of Windows.

3. If i activate and Mute my Microphone in GVR i can`t talk in Teamspeak anymore.

4. Sepperate Audio Layers for TS Micro and Game would be a BLESSING.

Hope some of my feedback is going to be helpful to make GVR to a even better tool for everyone who wants to record gaming Material.

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Thank you so much for the great feedback. As you may know, the GVR is still in Beta and we're still implementing more and more features. Any ideas that users can give us to make the experience better, we greatly appreciate. I'll make sure to let our team know. Have a great day!

Apperantly there is no time Limit but if the Video size is Higher than 3,72 GB it starts a new file. And sometimes there is a problem that there is some kind of a Empty hole between both Files.


We're aware of that issue actually. It has to do with file structure in Windows 7. It doesn't effect Windows 8 users actually; Go figure. We're looking for a way around it, thanks for letting us know though.

 Would be nice if there fix the color,brightness, gamma issues with the GVR, I can take a screenshot of a still moment and then take a video of the same moment and the video is brighter. That's Really annoying as someone that likes to upload to youtube. Also the GVR doesn't record 3rd party post processing effects like ENB or SweetFX/ReShade. Which I use extensively in almost all my games, that alone drives me crazy that your codec for the GVR is that incapable of recording it, yet Fraps has absolutely no issues with it.

@aureleus - Would you mind providing some proof (whether in screenshot or video) so that I can show our team? It's not that I don't believe you, but I would just need something to bring forward to show there is something we can do.

 @Verun Here are those comparisons you wanted.

GVR Color Issues01
GVR Color Issues02

Not to be rude but if know can see the differences then your blind :O, its Really apparent when replaying video from GVR vs Fraps o.O.

@aureleus - There is a difference, albeit slight. As you mentioned, the GVR recording does appear to be brighter. I'd like to move this into a ticket, because we'd like to see some more interesting comparisons. If there is a difference than what a user is actually getting, we may want to make a change. However, solving the issue will involve figuring out exactly what is wrong. 

So I went ahead and created a ticket for this. Ticket # 11082 for your reference. That way we can ask for more information without getting too off-topic. Preferably post back to the ticket for responses to this issue. Thanks!