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Why can't I turn off Raptr's Low Disk Space warning? Why does Raptr take focus and control away from my game to display this message?

I was playing a CSGO competitive match. I ran below 2 gigs of space on one of my drives. Raptr felt the need to display a new "Low Disk Warning" every time the remaining space changed. I ended up with 12 windows before my game was over. The worst part is, every time it posted the warning it wasn't a pop up in the corner. It was a message box that took the focus away from the game. I lost control of my character multiple times during my match because of it.

I went through all the options. There does not appear to be a way to toggle this off. I can't leave a program installed on my computer that is going hijack my controls and put the game in the background when it feels I need to be told something. There is no reason a 3rd party app should be harassing me about hard drive space, and most importantly taking focus/control away from my game in the middle of a match.

Are there any plans to remove this warning functionality, or fix it so that it can be toggled off?


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More than likely we can just make it so it pops up once, instead of multiple times (because it is still a very important error to bring up). If there does need to be multiple errors, it just remain in the background. However, I will talk with our crew to see if we can't change this current iteration of the warning to make it so it does not affect the game-play as much. 

I also would like to disable these warnings. I do not use Raptr to record my videos and I haven't found an option to disable its support completely.

I assume these warnings are appearing even with "Replay" & "Record" disabled?

Yes a toggle to disable warnings or some place to edit it in config file somewhere.
One of the few good times to have a 'ramdisk' as temp scratchdisk for recordings and it has a silly 2gb disk warning causing pops up for each small replay clip you record.


@VERUN: So when is this going to be fixed? You said 2 months ago that you will talk to your crew. In another topic, you also created a ticket  #10215 which doesn't exist when I click on "Check ticket status".

Why can't that window be displayed only once and what did the developers think when they made it interrupt games?

I got dozens of "low disk space" windows while I was playing The Witcher and the game froze, the focus went on Raptr and now I cannot select the game, although it is in the taskbar. The process is running, but the game does not show up in Applications in Task Manager either.

Thank you for your attention.

Ticket status can only be checked by those who created the ticket, or whom we designate as the ticket recipient. In that ticket we had asked for further information but we have yet to receive a response from that user. If you would like, you can help assist us by creating a ticket and then stating what the Ticket # is. That way we can follow-up and get the proper information to make a change.

"I assume these warnings are appearing even with "Replay" & "Record" disabled?"

Yes, I do not use either of those options, and have them disabled. I believe CSGO, and a few other games I play, write temporary files to the hard drive while playing. This causes the hard drive to fluctuate, which makes Raptr generate new warnings constantly.

"Game Replay" turn it to "OFF"

Had this happen to me and solely because RAPTR app decided to keep filling up my C drive. I have multiple drives so I moved my pagefile, and the space would get eaten (16GB), Then moved around 10 gb but still got filled up within an hour or so. I downloaded TreeSize Free to find out where the SSD drive is getting eaten up, especially at such a rapid pace..... <my profile>\Appdata\Roaming\Raptr had taken over 30GB of space. Also, throwing errors non-stop about drive space... I'm talking 50+ in a long enough time span of Fallout 4. I've never combined taskbar screens until this day. It's not very efficient, unless you need to close the entire combo!
I'm an IT type perp and if this ever happened on an actual roaming profile, to say, any where (including their normal machine)... The login time is atrocious! I've had someone with 30GB of pictures that used to incur 20-30 min login times and never said a word until fed up. I had one day of chewing my SSD drive up and I'm fed up. Not the guy to post negatively either but please figured it out. It kept failing on installing some kind of install that wasn't attributed or tagged to any affiliation, some kind of win_msi_win.msi.. extremely generic naming scheme like that, and I know it was RAPTR, because I have removed that folder, closed RAPTR and I still have 40GB free space available after an hour.

In any case, not trying to be a dick (perhaps just the wrong day), please fix that. I wish I could give you more information but it tagged from last night, kept sucking the life out of my PC and despite my free-ing of space efforts, would not relent in it's savage behaviour =P



@teksmarts - Did you by chance move the Temp folder location as well? 

We do know of the issue with the errors appearing at close-to-full HD space, especially at the volume that they are received. 

Also, at what quality are you recording videos?

No recordings at all.. It was something that just wouldn't end. Reboots didn't fix it, kept eating the space instantly

@teksmarts - How much room is left on that drive? 

Are you sure it's not automatically recording? Raptr doesn't consume HD space unless it's recording. And if it were taking space while not recording, it should be a very small amount.