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stoped reciving RP

 i noticed a few days ago that i stopped receiving RP and it wasent detecting that i was playing games

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It does appear that you're are receiving RP normally. However, can you give me an example of where you believe that you were not getting RP, or your games were not being tracked?

maybe i haven't really be keeping track of the numbers its just that bell with the info never has anything in it


For easy checking, you can head to this link:

It will show you a history of when you earn and spend points.

I got the last RPs from playing a game 10/11/15: "10/11/15Played a game session: STAR WARS: The Old Republic Game On! 60 RP". From then on i got only the 5 RP for visiting the Community... and I didn't changed the frequency or duration of playing game. Raptr was on while playing.

@Aerya99 - Did anything change regarding your PC, or the game? 

Did the game update?

Reinstall it?

hi i have the same problem now

I got the last RPs from playing a game 26/1/2016 with the game World of Warships

@pedromdc - It looks like no games have even been getting tracked for you since Jan 26th. Did anything drastically change with your PC that day?

I am not a support person, just a user, but I have a note, beside what Verun said, and only if it didn't help.

Make sure the desktop app is running (e.g. on notification area). If it doesn't, try to make it run. If you can't, consider a restart. Check if the program runs after, if not, run it then

(Just in case check its settings too: in preferences (right click on icon -> preferences, or on raptr's control pannel -> settings icon -> preferences), check if, on general tab -> "When I start my computer:" "automatically start raptr" is marked on. If it's not, you may mark it on for having raptr run on startup.)

Writing this as I had that issue and restart and rerun of the application had solved it for me. I am unsure why so I could only speculate. Maybe it was linked to being on game while the day count switched, possibly while choosing to go without updates while in game, and maybe in a day others had some issues with servers. Maybe it's some bad settings or something else going wrong on comp/side, no idea

 In addition to the previous post of mine I want to add I didn't lose/miss RP for that day at all so no action is needed in my case.