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Smite Redemption Guide

This is a redemption guide on how to redeem the various Smite Rewards.


Fine Print:

  • Reward unlocks 400 gems or 200 gems or a skin
  • Game download required.
  • One code per account
  • There are regional restrictions for each reward, be sure to read them.

***WARNING --- READ THE REWARD TEXT.  North American Codes only work on North American Servers.  South American Codes only work on Latin American Servers.  Brazilian Codes only work on Brazilian Servers ***

North American Server Rewards:

Smite 200 Gems Treasure Chest is Back

Smite 400 Gems Treasure Chest is Back

Smite Zeus Almighty Skin is Back

South American Server Rewards:

200 Gemas

400 Gemas

Aspecto de Zeus

Smite Zeus Todopoderoso

Brazilian Server Rewards

200 Gemas – Servidor Brasileiro

400 Gemas – Servidor Brasileiro

Odin “O Caçador”

Todo Poderoso

Step 1: You'll want to purchase the reward! Select the quantity you want and click "Purchase"

Step 2: Now, you'll have the option to review the transaction before clicking the "Complete Purchase" button.



Step 3: On the Order Info page, you're going to see a link (shown by the orange arrow) that you'll need to copy and paste into your normal web browser then be sure to save your code (shown by the Orange with Red arrow), you're going need that.


Step 4: Open Smite and then Click the Gem to the left of the Play Button:


Step 5: Select 'Redeem Promotion'



Enter your code and hit 'Ok':


Step 6: Success!


Step 7: Enjoy!

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