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starting stream....

Today I decided to stream Battlefield 4 on Twitch, with AMD gaming evolved. I turn broadcast ON and set up all the settings. I went to the game and see on the left corner of the screen that I can start stream.  I click on the button for start and then I saw: starting stream..., but nothing happened. I restart the AMD GE  and went to Test range in BF4. Then click on the button for start streaming and it worked. Then I closed test range and went to the server, but I went to the server It was not working again, same problem starting stream... and nothing happened. Then I went on the Test rang to try again and it was looking like it works, I looked on my canal and it said that I am offline, I restart AMD GE and again get message: starting stream...

What is wrong? How can I fix it?

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We'll try to figure out your issue in a Ticket. You created one already. Ticket #8390 for your reference.