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Unable to record in arma 3

build: 92200, overlay r91954, omega 14.12 driver

I'm unable to record any videos and comes up with the message 'recording is not available' although screenshots are working. switching between fullscreen and fullscreen windowed doesn't help me. any other suggestions?

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When that message appears, is Record/Replay enabled in the Control Center? Does it show up when you try to enable them?

thanks for the reply. yeah i've got record/replay enabled in the control center, changing the settings and disabling/enabling the overlay for arma 3 doesn't make a difference either.

scratch that. i thought you were on about settings in the preferences tab, my bad. both replay and record are disabled and clicking them won't change that, how can i enabled the record as using the keyboard shortcut doesn't work?

ok i've since managed to fix this issue myself.

both replay and record were disabled and greyed out, i fixed it following the instructions in this topic following your instructions to disable the checking for updates to the drivers. it now records in all games including arma 3