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50points from Twitch Stream


Today i make a Twitch Stream from Raptr about 20 minutes and i dont receive reward.


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It's currently not working as intended. I have gone ahead and granted the 50 RP for you. Let us know if you have any other issue.

I do not know how to do my first twitch broadcast stream

Typically you would start streaming with Twitch and then share it with Raptr. However, I will award the 50 RP since I believe the RP reward doesn't get triggered properly. 

i cannot earn the 50rp as well, even though i broadcast twitch stream

You have your 50 RP now. Thanks for letting us know.

I didn't get my rp as well for broadcasting my stream.

@william4037 - There you go!

I was trying to get that reward since it was firstly released and still cant achieve it.lets hope it will be fixed soon.


@iorgan - I went ahead and granted you the 50 RP.

thanks alot ^_^


i did not get it too, rp pls


i have this problem what can i doo i stream and not take 

 I have also done it and didnt get my reward on twitch =/