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Windows 10 and Raptr compatible?

Just recently I installed Win10 and noticed my AMD Gaming Evolved app has stopped working. I researched for any word on this topic and did not find anything current except for back in October 2014 and did what was suggested there. Did not fix it.

So a few minutes ago I uninstalled Raptr and re installed it and with the same results, not working. Is there any work around?

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When you mention that it has "stopped working", what do you mean? Is it crashing? Error codes? Features not working? Freezing?

I will tell you, though, that we have not done any extensive testing with Windows 10 yet, so there could be any number of issues at this moment in time.

I have it so that Raptor starts when I start my pc. After windows is up the icon for raptr appears, but when i hover over it the icon disappears. I tried to open raptr from the start menu and does not open, but again the icon appears and disappears when I hover over it. Next I went into the raptr files and clicked the application launcher, this time I get the window where it gets stuck trying to connect.

Can you see if you can send (or even have) log files?

1) Press the Windows key + R to get the run command box up

2) Type %appdata%\raptr and press Enter

3) Locate raptr.log and the LTC folder, attach them to an email and send it to Please reference this thread. 

Ok, will be later on tonight, at work right now.

Email sent with 3 log files.

Sorry for the delay. We'll continue to solve the issue in your ticket. #8717 for your reference.