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Weekly Reports not working?

According to my last email from Raptr and even viewing it here on Ratpr's site I last received a weekly report February 25th.

So I'm missing 2 weeks. However just now I decided to change the date to Thursday instead of the usual Wednesday as in the past its always been Wednesday.  I remember changing days sometimes at the last minute doesn't mean a report will generate and I just need to leave the days alone (email generating) but I'm just curious why Weekly reports aren't delivered?

I almost wanna say its after a major update to the client is when theres issues but I could be wrong.

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Can you verify that it is not appearing in your Spam folder?

Also, verification that it's going to the correct email would be good. 

Let me know the results after you check. Thank you.

Yep everything is normal.  Nothing in junk email folder. Email address is same.  I've received emails from July 2014 til February 25th 20150 and then all emails has stopped

Okay, since you've set it for Thursday, can you let me know if you get it tonight? It's possible there was a possible hiccup on our side, but we did test and users should be getting the reports. If it doesn't send, we may want to convert this to a ticket and try another email address to see if there are any issues there.

Okay I got the weekly report.  Guess we will see how long it lasts :)

Since my very first day of joining Raptr I've had 3 times of weekly news reports not being delivered. But lets hope I'm set for another 6 months lol :)